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Track Cyclist and full time working mum!!

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All things are possible!!

There is endless not so useful information, and many willing to give advice. From hearsay and opinions of friends and family – which can sometimes be bizarre, to guarded conventional advice from doctors, physios, personal trainers etc, all probably afraid they will get sued if something were to go wrong with the pregnancy or during the post-partum period. Where there is advice it is nearly always depressingly over conservative, especially for women used to high levels of physical activity. 

The same one shoe fits all guidelines are supplied to all those who ask. I very quickly realised the best strategy for me when deciding what to do was not to ask, and to go on a journey and find out what was best for myself and my baby, both during pregnancy and for that time post-birth.  My shoes wouldn’t fit or suit all either but I took my own path based on my own feeling and research I did, enabling me to make informed decisions about what to do. Despite my concerns pre baby I have found it is most definitely possible to maintain good fitness, and therefore sanity, during pregnancy and post-birth

I did of course consult my doctor and got regular check ups. I researched everything thoroughly,but  very much listened to my body and together with my coach found safe guidelines for all that I did. The results were plain to see - both mother and baby happy and healthy!


Tori - happy and healthy!